PowinStorage technology solutions has achieved over 5 GW of the single storage systemdevelopment, and above 80% of conversion rate. Powin
technology has beenextensively used to resolve peak hour energy storage problems such as in stategrid, large shopping malls and commercial buildings etc. Powin solutionsprovides huge potential for the future market.
With core focus on the EPC project management, S.A.G. connects and integrates the PV project development, PV products manufacturing, O&M and financial supports, to best assure the quality and electricity generation of PV power plants.
Meteocontrol is the world largest PV power plant O&M service provider monitoring more than 35,000 global PV power plants with over 12GW database. With its smart grid management system, meteocontrol can assist its clients
to achieve the huge potentials in the operation and management of smart grid systems for the future cities.
  • Rich experience in R&D, production and application of PV products since 1993
  • The unique transformer-less inverter compatible with thin-film modules
  • Patented HERIC® Technology and optimized electric current to ensure high yields and efficiency
  • Energie würfel" Stadtwerke Konstanz, Germany. Customized façade integrated BIPV Modules and LED
BostonPower provides superior long-range battery systems for next-generationelectrical vehicles (EVs). Boston Power has scheduled to increase its productioncapacity from 350Mwh to 1Gwh, and at the same time construct a 8Gwhmanufacturing facility in Tian Jin, China.
  • Bloomberg: tier 1 modules manufacturer
  • PV Magazine: TOP50 Array-Changing Tech
  • Munich Re underwriting 25-year product warranty
  • VDE full quality control, random monitoring
  • OST Energy: Industry-leading efficiency and quality control
  • Bankable module manufacturer by most global financial institutions
More than 15 years of manufacturing history, Greenwheel owns thecomplete Electric vehicle production line all the way from electric managementand control system, generator, battery management systems, total capacity overfifty thousand cars over the years, and it is the only manufacturingcompany in the industry that continuously making profits over the past 5 years.Greenwheel has gained major qualifications from the government towards its goalof manufacture further twenty hundred thousand EVs in the coming future, andlooking to expend and establish its oversea manufactory base.
More efficient asset allocation from asset-heavy to asset-light
Transitioning from manufacturer to solution provider
From solar power generation to diversified renewable energy generation:highly efficient, safe, low-cost and user friendly

SFNB provides cities, communities and households integrated low-carbon energy-saving solutions by combining solar, deep-shallow geothermal and ocean thermal power generation,
electric vehicles, district heating and cooling, domestic hot water supply and etc.
The Group markets solutions for low-carbon cities, low-carbon communities and low-carbon households globally, and targets to achieve a 50-70% reduction in energy bills

The ultimate goal of Everpower is to become a global power technology leadingcompany through development of highly efficient, environmentally friendly andenergy saving technologies,
commercialization of mature hydrogen energy powerproducts and providing superior services

Taiwan Carbon Nanotube Technology Corporation (TCNT) was founded on June 2012. It is one of the most professional nano carbon materials and application companies.
On 25 August 2014, TCNT granted Shunfeng International the licence to use the applied technologies and IP in China and international markets
TCNT has annual production capacity of 30 tons of carbon nanotubes and 250 tons of grapheme

Ko Yo Chemical(Group)Limited was incorporated in Cayman Islands in 2002. The Group was firstly listed on the GEM of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong
Limited (the "Stock Exchange") in July 2003 and then transferred to the Main Board of the Stock Exchange in August 2008.